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Kee (classes based in KUALA LUMPUR)


“I would rather use sharing instead teaching as have I found that yoga has brought happiness into my life…"


Kee has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years and she started teaching yoga in Kuala Lumpur since 2008. She has deepened her yoga practice by focusing in prenatal yoga where many expecting mothers have greatly benefited from her class. She is one of the founders of hOMe Yoga which was established in year 2014.


Kee would rather use sharing instead of teaching, as she found that yoga has brought happiness into her life. She is grateful to be able to share the joy and happiness of yoga with everyone.


She used to think like others that yoga was about twisting the body into impossible postures. It has not turned out to be that way.



She has discovered the miracle of yoga. She is happy. She is content. She is who she is. She is here to learn and to share.


Nyioh (classes based in Penang / Sungai Petani / Bukit Mertajam)


Nyioh, one of the founders of hOMe Yoga. He is a simple guy who enjoys practicing yoga since his first experience in 2006. He loves every part of yoga and by bringing yoga into his life, he finds calm and stillness. He had been experiencing car sickness especially during long distance travel. However, the unpleasant symptom is gone since he started practice yoga. To deepen his yoga practice, Nyioh traveled to India in 2011 and has successfully completed his 200-hour Teacher Training Program at Varkala. From then on, he began to share his practice with his friends, family and colleagues. 


Personally Nyioh takes yoga practice as an active meditation, it integrates one’s body and mind in the moment. Yoga helps people find spiritual-reality balance in their life. Nyioh believes that yoga practice is more than sweating, chanting and breathing, it covers more than the area of the yoga mat.


Contact Nyioh: +6017 442 7987
Email: tzeryong2003@yahoo.com


Regular yoga classes in Kuala Lumpur


I am also available to teach yoga classes anywhere in the Kuala Lumpur region. Contact me for more details.


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