Yoga in Kuala Lumpur

I never have the patience to practice yoga till I met teacher Kee for my prenatal yoga class. I can feel the calmness and serenity during her class and she is very attentive of making sure everyone in class is doing the correct posture.

Yoga in Kuala Lumpur

Kelly Chong - Malaysia

"Although I only attended 6 of Kee's classes on a work and travel trip, I think I have learned quite a lot. As a beginner I was taken care of and the postures were explained in detail. Some postures were easy, but some I really had trouble with, because I wasn't flexible enough. I learned that this is not a problem, but a chance to watch and understand my reactions when I find myself in difficult situations. Kee did not only teach me to bend my body, but to have a resilient mind. In her class I learned a lot about having patience and dealing with failure. That said, I think the yoga practice with Kee will help me in all situations I may face in the future."

Yoga in Kuala Lumpur

Thomas Werkmeister, Germany

"Dear Kee,

Thanks for being attentive and caring for all of us mummies. Enjoyed your yoga classes every second every minute. Always let me feels so relax and leave the reality world out of my mind. My back ache got reduced too. Will try to arrange for the normal yoga class after my maternity as your classes are worth giving in the time.

Thank you"

Yoga in Kuala Lumpur

Joanne, Malaysia

"I never attended any yoga classes before until I found Ms.Kee and started my prenatal yoga with her at 20 weeks of my pregnancy. It is very beneficial not only physically which eased my backache, I have achieved peace and confidence mentally through Ms Kee's class. It's not about how well you manage to do the poses, but to release tension, stress and worries that we have in our daily life. It helps me to empty my mind to reach inner calm. She is very kind, gentle and she does not mind to spend more time to understand my problems and most of the time she ended the classes later than scheduled. One thing I remembered the most in the class was the importance to thank, to love, to forgive and be forgiven, how I love that! Thank you for everything, it was a wonderful pregnancy journey for me. Thank you Ms Kee, I'm grateful that I met you, would definitely recommend her class to my friends in the future. Please continue to teach and help more people and I wish you the very best in your yoga practice!"

Yoga in Kuala Lumpur

Yian Yong, Malaysia

"I started with pregnancy yoga classes with Ms Kee when I was around 20 weeks pregnant. I couldnt start earlier as I was not in Malaysia then. I find that the classes has been beneficial as because it gets u to relax..especially with my stressful work I really need it to unwind.

Ms Kee was very good in teaching the right positions to alleviate the common complaints of pregnancy such as back pain, urinary incontinence and also to strengthen pelvic muscle which gets u ready for birth. Overall, I will definitely recommend her to anyone who seeks a good type of therapy or exercise during pregnancy."

Elisha Teh

"We wish Kee all the best. As a former student of Yoga Now we have followed her progress along the path of yoga for many years now. She has truly understood the essence of yoga.

Her warmth and kindness and her passion for yoga make her an excellent yoga teacher. If you are in Kuala Lumpur and are looking for yoga classes we highly recommend taking yoga classes with Kee."

Marc and Meng Foong - Yoga Now Malaysia

I started Yoga in 2011. I was a heavy smoker before and quit for my family. My weight gained extensively. I started to have depression where easily get irritated and stressed. I was losing out my balance in life and myself due to many new challenges in the work and family. I asked my wife if I needed to see a psychiatrist. She said I just needed to learn how to relax. She then suggested me to join her in the Pre – Natal yoga she had with YOGA KEE and probably can help me in many ways especially to have a peaceful mind and control.

Ever since then, I can proudly say I am a better man! After many lessons of Yoga guided by KEE, I realized my lifestyle had been changed. I used to drive or stuck at road and easily get irritated by other reckless drivers. I would start to swear or curse all over but now I can control and learn to let go or give way. My mind is like communicating to my body not to get angry or think before react. Yoga not only changed me emotionally but helped in my weight loss as well. I gained so much energy that I can take up an extra sport like basketball. More importantly, I felt that I can understand yoga can help in many ways and you can only see or feel the results by keep doing it! When my mind and body is relax and calm, I can think so much better and eventually I am a very happy person now.

I truly hope more people can have the same feeling as I have and I will continually share Yoga by promoting how much I gained from.

Photo showed result only in weight. But you can never feel how I feel unless you start Yoga with KEE now. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH TEACHER KEE! You simply the best ! Cheers


"以前我也有学过瑜伽,但时间不长。我怀孕后,在网上搜寻到Ms.kee的网站。询问详情后,觉得价钱公道而且学习时间也长,就决定报名。当时怀孕20个星期。上第一堂课时,就觉得ms.kee教的方法很不一样,除了瑜伽她还让我学会心灵平静,这是我以前学过几家瑜伽课所没有的。现在我已经怀孕30个星期了,身体状况很好。我想我生产后也会继续跟Ms.kee学瑜伽。 谢谢您,Ms.Kee ."

"I have learned yoga before for a short period. I browsed through internet and get to know Ms. Kee's website during my pregnancy. I called up to make some enquiry and found out that the fees is reasonable and the length of the class is longer (2 hours class), therefore I decided to sign up. I was 20 weeks at that time.

After attended my first prenatal yoga with Ms. Kee, I noticed her way of teaching is very much different from others where not only yoga, Ms Kee has taught me how to attain inner peace and this is what i can't find from any other yoga classes or studios which I have attended.

I am in my 30 weeks now and my body is in very good condition. I might continue my yoga class with Ms. Kee after delivered.

Thank you, Ms. Kee

Bobo Chen

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